New Records Found - More Members Identified

posted Mar 25, 2018, 1:16 AM by Jason Markiewitz
One of the great things about research is that you never know what you will find in that box in "Grandpa's garage."  In my case, when my grandparents died, I was given a few boxes of items marked simply, "Jason."  In one of the boxes were unit rosters from India for each Company, a map of all the bases served at in India, original mailers from the 853rd's first four unit reunions and two excellent battalion histories that covered not just battalion exploits, but also experiences on the ill-fated HMT Rohna.  These documents allowed me to increase the total number of identified battalion members (originals, transfers, and replacements) to 1,464 total personnel!  Amazing!  Out of those, I have fully identified 939 members into their appropriate companies with only 118 unassigned replacements and 407 other unassigned personnel (including more than 95% of those who were KIA on the Rohna).  If you haven't browsed lately, this is a good update!