Commendation Letter and Orders to Move added to "Research Library"

posted Jul 3, 2015, 11:56 AM by Jason Markiewitz
Thank you to the children of Lt Robert B. Shaw, Company C, who sent these documents to me yesterday.  Leslie Shaw Wind and Robert Shaw Jr. found these three items in their father's things and they are a great record of work at Bangalore Airfield.  The pieces all go together.  In Jan 1945, Lt Shaw and a detail of men went to Bangalore for a critical runway repair job.  During the two months they were there, their efforts were maligned despite the great work they performed.  The Commendation from the Commander of the India-Burma Air Depot, routed to Lt Col Frolich and then to the District Engineer, shows the hard work this crew performed.  They re-deployed to the Battalion location in Chabua on 2 Mar 1945.