Acquisition of Original Battalion Documents

posted Jul 11, 2015, 6:37 PM by Jason Markiewitz
I am so fortunate to have made three incredible contacts over the past two weeks.  First, Mr. Harvey L. Wood, a member of the 442d Replacement Company who joined the battalion following its decimation on 26 Nov 1943.  Mr. Wood is 91 years old and he wrote me a letter in response to the mailers I sent out the week previous.  I have continued correspondence and am hoping to receive copies of some of the many pictures he stated he had in an album from his time in India.  Second, Mr. William Northrop, an online dealer of World War II memorabilia and documents.  I contacted Mr. Northrop after I noticed he had sold some 853rd specific information online looking to acquire whatever else he had.  And, for a reasonable sum, I managed to acquire over 70 documents and a 1943 directory from Dyersburg Army Airfield where the battalion was formed.  Finally, I received an email from Jenna Zenner, the granddaughter of Lt. Joseph Adducci (Brothers in Arms - "A" Company), and am working on acquiring additional documents that Lt Adducci saved and passed down through his family.  Based upon the amount of documents I will be receiving over the next few weeks, I will likely have to revamp the Research Library section of this site.  I will let everyone know when those changes are available and when the information is posted.